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TurboCAD (any version) Workshop

This course is designed for existing users who require specific knowledge from any version of TurboCAD. The user will learn further skills as required by their objectives. It is recommended that delegates have completed a TurboCAD foundation course (or similar) and have a little working knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

Generally this course is customised to the users TurboCAD version currently used and therefore a minimum of two trainees will be required (not necessarily from the same company). Please phone for one-to-one training if preferred.

Standard Price
395+VAT (one to one training)
Add extra delegates @ 95+VAT

You will be able to choose any of the features, commands, and techniques of TuroboCAD (see typical topics shown below) that will apply to the users requirements on real world scenarios using many practical workshop exercises.

Using the User Interface
Displaying Objects
Drawing to Scale & Templates
Display Controls

Drawing Lines, Arcs, Circles
Creating Curves & Ellipses
Using Snaps & Tracking
Cycling and Snap overrides
Working with Units
Selecting Objects
Using Move & Copy
Using Mirror, Rotate & Scale
Working with Layers
Linetypes and Lineweights
Matching Object Properties
Changing Object Properties
Using Inquiry Commands
Trimming & Extending
Parallel & Offset Geometry
Joining & Breaking Objects
Using Fillet & Chamfer Tools
Using the Model system
Creating & Edit Multline Text
Using Text Settings
Creating & Editing Dimensions
Using Dimension Settings
Creating & Edit Patterns
Creating & Inserting Symbols
Working with Symbol Libraries
Plotting Drawings

Please phone for the next course available on 0161 904 8753

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