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TutorCAD provides support services for various industries who ultimately use similar systems that we use ourselves. Intimate knowledge of various CAD systems ensures that out-sourcing consultancy work to TutorCAD can ease a bottleneck especially during a sharp increase in the work flow. Since we also know the IT platforms that run the software, TutorCAD also has a vast knowledge in providing the necessary hardware and software solutions available.
Software Support
All TutorCAD courses have free access to 30-day telephone and/or email support. After the end of this support you may have a major problem, and a deadline to meet... so what then? Well as soon as the free support expires we recommend to continue with a formal annual software support contract and then relax! To discuss pricing, either telephone 0161 904 8753 or email

TutorCAD is very active in helping existing customers achieve their objectives and we can be used as an extra consultant on CAD related business. Whether this is simply initial advice or a full blown project, our dedicated teams of trainers, consultants and managers have the experience to assist you. To discuss pricing, either telephone 0161 904 8753 or email

TutorCAD is an independent Internet re-seller. If you need advice on your existing or new setup of domain names, web-hosting, email accounts, web-mail etc. you will find us hard to beat. To discuss pricing, either telephone 0161 904 8753 or email

Computer Networks
At TutorCAD we also have experienced IT professionals who are used for our own computer network installations. So why not use the same experienced personnel to sort out your network installation? We can give a competitive quote for creating or expanding a small business PC network server based system. To discuss pricing, either telephone 0161 904 8753 or email

Drawings up to A0 in size can be scanned and the image returned by email normally within the same day. This can be a very cost effective way of digitising legacy paper drawings, either for archive purposes or as an underlay for further work in AutoCAD or graphical software packages. To ask for a free trial scan and discuss pricing, either telephone 0161 904 8753 or email

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"TutorCAD provided a dedicated course moulded to our exact requirements - very productive."

P Jackson
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